University of Debrecen, Department of Biomedical Laboratory and Imaging Science

History of Radiology

Course coordinator: Ervin Berényi MD PhD

Lecturers: László Balkay PhD, Ervin Berényi MD PhD, András Jakab MD PhD, Levente Lánczi MD

The course gives insights into the history of medical imaging and helps to understand present imaging methods and challenges of the future.

Lecture topics:

Week 1:
Discovery of X-ray. Development of classical radiology methods: early devices for fluoroscopy, radiographs and tomography. Contrast agents, and obsolete methods since Bertha Röntgen’s hand till digital X-ray.

Week 2:
From battlefields to medical departments. Discovery of ultrasound.

Week 3:
Tomographic revolution: discovery of computed tomography. Forensic radiology and other applications.

Week 4:
History of nuclear medicine. Tracing, tomographic methods, hybrid devices.

Week 5:
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging: a history or a future? Milestones of Neuroradiology.

Week 6:
Visiting the Kenézy Museum for Medicine and University History. Radiology safety. Summary of the course.

Literature: Ronald L. Eisenberg: Radiology: An Illustrated History, Mosby-Year Book, 1992 ISBN: 0-8016-1526-7

Exam: written